Frequently Asked Questions

About MyLeastPrice

What is

MyLeastPrice is Deals, Coupons and Cashback Website. We’ve partnered with 200+ shopping sites and offering extra cashback to our members on every purchase made with any of our partner sites thru MyLeastPrice.

How to find if my favorite retailer is on

Finding your favorite retailer at MyLeastPrice is very easy. Just type the name of your retailer in the search bar and check if we’re partnered with them or not.

Is MyLeastPrice services Chargeable?

No, MyLeastPrice services are absolutely free. All you’ve to do is, be our registered member and enjoy our services for FREE.


Where Does Cashback comes from?

When our registered users shop at any of the shopping sites Via MyLeastPrice, they pay us commission and we pass the significant portion of commission back to our registered user as ‘Cashback’.

What is pending cashback means?

Pending cashback are those that are successfully tracked by retailers but since they are within the return or cancellation policy they can’t be paid out unless retailer confirm the payment of commission on this.

What is Approved Cashback means?

Verified cashback are those that are approved by retailers and commission has been paid on them. Approved cashback of INR 200/- or more is available for redemption Via Bank Transfer or Gift Cards.

How long does it take to actually get my cashback?

It usually takes upto 72 hours to track your transaction and after it’s being tracked it’s under ‘Pending’ Status until the return policy period. After the return policy period, it’s treated the sale is genuine and we get paid by retailers in the next monthly payment cycle. As soon as the payment received the status of your transaction automatically turns ‘Approved’. This whole cycle right from your date of purchase to ‘Approved’ Cashback may take 1-3 months.

What are the modes for Cashback Redemption?

Approved cashback of Rs. 200 or more can be redeemed by transferring the same to your bank account alternately you can opt for Gift Cards for the same value.

Do I’ve to login to retailers with MyLeastPrice ID?

No, you’ve to have account with each retailer that you are shopping from and you’ve to login with respective account ID and password.


Who is eligible?

Any registered user of MyLeastPrice is eligible to refer their friends.

Do I have to be a MLP customer to make referrals?

You’ve to be a registered User, not necessarily a customer. You’ve to subscribe to MyLeastPrice as a user and then you can start referring your friends.

Is there any limit for number of friends that can be referred?

No, there is no limit. You may refer as many Friends as you would like.

What is a valid referral?

Suggested: A valid referral is when your friend accept the invite and signup to MyLeastPrice through your referral link.

Do you pay me (the referrer) personally?

You’ll earn 10% bonus Cashback every time one of your referrals purchases through (does shopping through) MyLeastPrice. Not only this, you can also earn additional 5% bonus from your Sub-referrals.

Is there any limit on referral Bonus that one can earn?

No, like we said you can invite as much as possible & earn unlimited bonus through this referral program.

When & How the referral commission be payable?

You can claim referral commission to your bank account once it reaches to minimum Rs 200/- . Or, you can opt for a gift card of same value from ‘Amazon’ or ‘Flipkart’.

Are the commissions taxable?

Yes, any amount transferred to your bank account is always taxable under IT act. Alternately, you can get referral cashback in the form of Amazon/Flipkart gift cards to avoid tax.

How long do I have to wait for my referral commissions?

Cashback takes a minimum of 60-90 working days from the date of transaction. Once we receive the amount from the retailers we pass the cashback to you. Considering the 30 days return policy by online retailers this is the standard time they take to verify your transaction.

What if my referral does not become a MLP customer?

Referral Cashback will only be credited to your MyLeastPrice account when your referrals shops Via MyLeastPrice. If they are not shopping there won’t be any commission.

No, any person who follows your referral link and joins MyLeastPrice would be considered your referral network; whether you know them or not.

How long does my referral have to remain a customer for me to earn commissions?

There’s absolutely no limit to that but the longer they stay, and the more they shop, the more you earn!

What if I have additional questions?

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to write to us on and we will be happy to help you.

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